The Truth About Mars Edit

Actually we have a colony on Mars,here's the theory goes... Bigfoot saw a cheese rolled and that inspires him to make the Illuminati which is also the Illuminati in which plan is to conquer Earth but failed and the Illuminati was sended to Mars later Mothman invented a device that can travel to Mars powered by lamp post but the government confiscate it and the government was mind controlled by the lamp post and they also hides the existence of Planet Justin Bieber later the Illuminati comes and killed Mothman and the Illuminati replace him with the clone version,during WW3 happens,everybody died except the Illuminati and Liberia later Muhammad becomes king of Liberia and gives more Ebola so people in Liberia will be extinct since the Illuminati controlled Jesus in which Jesus controlled the Secret Organization of Lamp Post in which also controlled Muhammad in hiding in the fact we have a colony on Mars also the moon landing was fake and the picture is clearly a picture of a guy taking a piss on a white cheese that had been painted so we can believe that the Moon is made out of cheese but in reality is made of dank memes.

Who The Fuck Created Mars?! Edit

Lord Dank Memes is the first man who created Mars not God because Lord DM has a sexy legs unlike God he doesn't even have legs! *Sarcasm*.Some say it's God but it was CerealMemeGuy,God time traveled with his Delorean and killed him and steal the idea of Mars.In other beliefs like Nazi for example believed almighty Hitler mustache created it first but fuck em'.The answer is impossible and I bet you will lose in a bet

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