The Origin of That Crazy Motherfucker Edit

He was a dank genius.He was born in the Czech village called Derpy-Horny-Vagina-Poo-Poo-Doo and he moved to a MLG Fascist Dictatorship in which xXFUUXx was still leader of the MLG Republic during the year.His GF is a pink gay rhino is the ugliest in all of MLG Republic and everybody died from his ugliness plus many skrubs wants to marry her and breed her with these monkies from Africa to destroy the MLG Superior Race that evolves around his gay rhino and CerealGuy killed them all with his fist in the age of 3.

At the age of 7,he played too many CoD and rages too much so he approaches to your mom and rips off her bra.Also he tried to breed Adolf Hitler and dolphins but his mother said "You fucking dumbass bitch you are a disgrace to meh sweg,you should be grounded grounded grounded for 696969696969 years" And CerealGuy was shock and he rapes her to death.

At the age 9000,he has a sexual desire to rape kids so he rapes one and the MLG Council said "Good I give u 9/11 rate m8" and also justify his act and so he rapes more,more and MORE.After he realize that he is a whore later he becomes a stripper for Delgia2k but Delgia2k shoves his gun up to his ass and it made him cry for 5 second.

During his mid-life crisis,he becomes dictator of Congo and began killing them for entertainment and he realize that they are not just the problem and nearly all of them are dead as the fossils are easily founded everywhere but the real threat was Spoderman so he declared war on his sweg and wipe him out with ease.

In the age of 696969,he lives like a boss and doesn't give a damn about his surrounding and he had sex with German chicks in bikini and 700 children and dolphins to strenghten his Nazi-Communist-Fascist penis plus fathered fat idiots from the new world that he discovered and not giving a single credit to the founder who had died in their search of the New continent plus he has 69 PENIS now.

What is love to about his-dank-meme-gone-crazy

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