The Beginning Edit

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Adolf Hitler was a genius beyond his time. Born in the small Australian village of Lech-sur-Kangaroo, he moved to Germany at the age of six. His mother was the most beautiful lady of the night in all of Germany, and drew a lot of attention from the Jews, who - of course - were all impotent and wanted to breed her with Africans in order to exterminate the glorious white race. Hitler wanted nothing to do with it, and exterminated all of Africa at the age of eight.

Teenager Life Edit

When he was a teenager, he became dictator of Poland and realised the problem was not Africans - though at that point in time only fossils of Africans remained since he had exterminated them all - but bolshevik Jews. He then declared war on Russia, which was a haven for the most vile semite in town, Joseph Stalin, and defeated Stalin with ease.

At the Age of 116 And Later On Edit

He lived to be 116, had sex with beautiful eighteen-year-old blondes, fathered tens of thousands of blond-haired blue-eyed children and established a thousand-year-empire.

Something to Love Edit

What's not to love about this little Australian tramp-gone-dictator-gone-deity?

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